Steps taken to improve Job orientation of higher education

September 18, 2019

Higher education system has many educational streams which are directly job oriented. Evenmore, in order to inhance job orientation and employability, the following steps have been taken:

  • There are 1109 skill oriented courses being run by UGC and All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). In which approximately 40,000 students are receiving skill training with education.
  • New and updated vocational cariculla are being developed in line with industry demand in B.Voc. programmes.
  • AICTE has launched a internship portal to facilitate industry internship to students.
  • Wheebox employability skill test for all pre final and final year graduates of AICTE approved institution.
  • Technical education quality improvement programme(TEQIP) phase III is under implementation to enhance equality, equity and imployability in selected engineering institutions.
  • NCS portal has been launched as a common platform to bring together stakeholders like job seekers, employers, local service provider and trainer.
  • MHRD is working in co-operation with ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship and sector skill councils (SSCs) which comprises representatives of industry and services sector to develop curricula that reflect industry – demanded skills so that higher education can be linked with employment opportunity.


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