Strength is the ability of the muscles to overcome resistance. It is an essential element or component of physical fitness. Strength is of two types, One is Dynamic strength and second is Static strength. Strength can also be defined as the amount of force in muscles or muscle group can exert the strength of the body can be measured in pounds are dynes.

A certain level of strength is also essential for a common man whereas, for a sports person it is the most essential component. Some applications for sports may require less amount of strength while other avocations or sports may require much strength.


Types of Strength

Different types of activities required different types of strength. For the better understanding strength can be divided into two types dynamic strength and static strength.

1. Dynamic strength

dynamic strength can be called isotonic strength because it is related to movements. In pull-ups and push-ups, we required dynamic strength. In performing such workout there is a diminishing tendency in dynamic strength and as a result, after some time, muscles refuse to do work.

At this juncture, man is not able to do even one extra pull-ups for push-ups. Moments are clearly visible when someone uses dynamic strength. In each sports movement, strength appear in a different form. Generally, dynamic strength can be divided into three parts. Maximum strength, Explosive strength and Strength endurance.

Dynamic strength
Dynamic Strength

Maximum strength is the ability to work against maximum resistance. Maximum strength is not usually used to measure the majority of sports. It is usually used in sports where very heavy resistances are to beat the record. for example, weightlifting, shot put, hammer throw, discus throw, javelin throw, etc.

Explosive strength can be defined as the ability to overcome resistance with high speed. In fact, it is a combination of strength and speed abilities. Explosive strength is generally used in sprint stars, uplifting, shot put, hammer throw, discus throw, long jump, high jump, triple jump and pole vault.

Strength endurance is a combination of strength and endurance abilities. It can be defined as the ability to overcome resistance or to act against resistance under the condition of fatigue.

2. Static strength

Static strength is also called isometric strength. It is the ability of muscles to act against resistance. Static strength can be measured by a dynamometer. This type of strength is not seen directly.

Static Strength

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