Temperature Heat and Temperature Scale

Temperature is an objective measurement of how hot or cold an object is. It can be measured with a thermometer or a calorimeter. It is a means of determining the internal energy contained within a given system.

Because humans easily perceive the amount of heat and cold within an area, it is understandable that temperature is a feature of reality that we have a fairly intuitive grasp on. Consider that many of us have our first interaction with a thermometer in the context of medicine, when a doctor (or our parent) uses one to discern our temperature, as part of diagnosing an illness. Indeed, temperature is a critical concept in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, not just medicine.

Have you ever touched a metal pole on a Sunny afternoon? Have you eaten something just like? It was cooked have you ever stood beside a bonfire in all of the above situations. You must have had the same experience of a certain degree of hotness. Which produces a sensation in your skin that makes you remove your body part immediately, away from the source of heat.

Heat of the sun of a causes excursion and your body produce sweat. Which is worst case can cause dehydration and weakness, to prevent this from happening, you take shelter tend to drink cold water and switch on the fan or the air conditioner.


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This helps in maintaining the temperature of your body temperature is defined as the degree of hotness or coldness of your body temperature and environment. This whatness and coldness are not absolute terms their relative in our daily life. We come across hot and cold objects like tea is hot will ice is called solid. You must have experienced that some objects are hotter than others and in the same way some objects are colder than others.

We often decide how hot or cold or object is by simply touching in the above activity confirms the nation of absolute hot and cold does not exceed our sense of touch is unable to indicate whether a given body is hot or cold there for the appropriate device is required to measure the temperature of a body.

Caution: It is often noticed that fever is generally checked by touching the forehead of a person by hand. This technique is the prediction of fever might miss. Let us depending upon the temperature of our hands show the temperature which we checked initially with and must be confirmed by checking it with the thermometer. To ensure the degree of hotness of body and then appropriate meditation should be taken.

Heat Versus Temperature

Temperature is different from heat, although the two concepts are linked. Temperature is a measure of the internal energy of a system, while heat is a measure of how energy is transferred from one system (or body) to another, or, how temperatures in one system are raised or lowered by interaction with another. This is roughly described by the kinetic theory, at least for gases and fluids.

The kinetic theory explains that the greater the amount of heat is absorbed into a material, the more rapidly the atoms within that material begin to move, and, the faster atoms move, the more the temperature increases. As atoms begin to slow down their movement, the material becomes cooler. Things get a little more complicated for solids, of course, but that’s the basic idea.

Temperature Scales

Several temperature scales exist. In the United States, the Fahrenheit temperature is most commonly used, though the International System of Units (SI unit) Centigrade (or Celsius) is used in most of the rest of the world.

The Kelvin scale is used often in physics and is adjusted so that 0 degrees Kelvin is equal to absolute zero, which is, in theory, the coldest possible temperature and at which point all kinetic motion ceases.

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