The River Kosi

On 18 August 2008, the river was wreaked havoc, when the Cochin picked up a channel that it had abandoned over 100 years ago near the Nepal India border. Lakhs of people on both sides of the border were affected as the river broke its embankment at Kusama in Nepal. Thus submerging several districts of the two nations.

River Kosi
River Kosi

In Bihar, over 2.5 children, women, and men are experiencing mental and physical shock and suffering due to displacement from their homes, deficiency of food intake, lack of access to clean drinking water and spread of epidemics.

Women and children as well as the most about 95% of the total floor, of course, she is now passing through the new course. Calling it the worst flood in the area in 50 years. Dr Manmohan Singh on 28 August declared a national calamity and the government in March 1000 crore in aid of the region.

River Kosi

River Kosi, which flows from Nepal into India is a major tributary of the Ganga. Over the last 250 years, it has shifted over 120 km from east to west. The unstable nature of the core sees one of the world’s most violent river is attributed to the heavy slit which it carries during the monsoon season.

River kosi figures in Mahabharata and RigVeda also known as the milk river

Water and sanitation for healthy India

River Kosi has now been dubbed as the river of sorrow had caused widespread human suffering in the past due to flooding and very frequent changes in course. The river travels a distance of 729 km from its source to the confluence with the Ganga.

River Kosi
River Kosi

The Kosi has breached its embankment several times since India and Nepal signed the Kosi treaty in 1954. Were they caused only by fast surging downstream water of the river?

Eight of ten highest mountain peaks in the world are located in Nepal, which has three bigger river system.

  • The Kosi
  • The Gandaki
  • The Karnali

Originate in high mountain glacier and eventually flow into the Ganga.

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