Top 21 biologists and their contribution


In last article, I already discussed the nature and scope of biology. Here is a list of top 21 biologists with their famous contribution to the field.

Top 21 biologists

Top 21 biologists

  1. Hippocrates– The father of western medicine
  2. Aristotle– Classified organisms into a “ladder of life”
  3. Galen– first to introduce medicinal experimentation
  4. Anton van Leeuwenhock– the father of microbiology
  5. Robert Hooke– Coined the term cell
  6. Joseph Priestley– discovered oxygen, invented soda water by dissolving heavy gas in water, he was also the first to observe photosynthethis.
  7. Edward Jenner- Created the first effective vaccine for smallpox, also coined term vaccination and known as the father of immunology.
  8. Robert brown- discovered the cell nucleus
  9. Louis Pasteur– Created the process of pasteurization for treating milk and wine.
  10. Akmann– discovered the presence of mitochondria in the cell.
  11. Blackman– demonstrated light and dark reaction of photosynthesis.
  12. Alexander Fleming– discovered penicillin from the fungus penicillium notatum.
  13. Huxley- suggested that protoplasm is the physical basis of life.
  14. Iwanowski- prove the existence of virus
  15. Jacob and monad– give the concept of operon
  16. Khurana- synthesized gene artificially for the first time.
  17. Robert brown- discovered nucleus in the cell.
  18. Robert Hooke– coined coined the term cell and assembled the first compound microscope.
  19. Tansley– Proposed the term ecosystem
  20. Theophrastus– He is known as the father of botany.
  21. Weismann– Proposed “Germplasm theory”

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