It is an adventure sports. It is not only an easy task to do trekking indeed it needs a lot of courage and confidence along with a strong physique. A track is a long journey on foot, especially in the mountains. It refers to making the long and difficult journey in the mountains for pleasure or sport. This is a part of adventure travel and explore edition the duration of it can be as less as a day to over a month.


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It depends on the particular region of personal interest and physical fitness of participants. It is better to make tracking trips in group with appropriate planning. trekking is a beneficial adventure activity for every individual. It helps in building self-confidence, it improves the cardiovascular system, it also improves the general health condition. There are four types of trekking.

a). Easy Tracking: The individuals especially the beginners are offered easy tricks. There is no difficult climbing, it means there is no climbing on higher altitudes search tracks usually provided colourful visuals of the whole series of mountain ranges.

b). Moderate trekking: Moderate treks are slightly difficult and challenging. Then easy treks for moderate trekking. The participants or trekkers should be more energetic, It is usually longer than roughly 10 days of walking up and down it is usually arranged on slightly higher altitudes.

c). Strenuous trekking: Strainers tracking needs a lot of physical referred energy and determination in such type of trekking. Some previous experience in mountain walking is required this trecks involve in santhu high altitudes usually up to 5,000 they also improves some step climbing.

d). Difficult Trekking: This type of trekking is suitable only for real adventure seekers. Some steps in cents to high altitude are involved in this type of tracking the participants must have enough endurance to complete such tracks as they may last approximately more than one month.

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