Types of Social Problems

Social problems encountered in a society are usually diverse in nature. The factors responsible can be categorised as follows:

  • Economic, usually in form of poverty, unemployment etc.
  • Cultural, usually in form of divorce, juvenile delinquency etc
  • Biological, usually in the form of infectious deseases, food poisoning etc.
  • Phychological, usually in the form of neurological disease etc.

Types of Social Problems

On the basis of origin, Social Problems are of four types:

  1. Which are rooted in some aspect of the physical environment.
  2. Which are inherent in the nature or distribution of the population involved.
  3. Which result from poor social organisation.
  4. Which involves from a conflict of cultural values within the society.
Types of Social Problems
Types of Social Problems

According to Fuller and Myers, there are three types of problems.

  1. Physical Problems: Through these are the Problems of the society but their causes are not based on value conflicts, for example floods and famines.
  2. Ameliorative Problems: There is consensus about the effects of these problems but their are differences pertaining to their solution. For example crime, poverty and AIDS.
  3. Moral Problems: There is no consensus pertaining to the nature or causes of these problems. for example

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