UGC approved Syllabus for Under Graduate courses

According to Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) UGC approved Syllabus for various undergraduate courses. To make more equivalence in the university courses UGC have been taken this Step.

UGC approved Syllabus

UGC approved Syllabus

1. B.Sc. Honours Statistics
2. B.Sc. Honours Electronic Science
3. B.Sc. Honours Instrumentation
4. AECC – Environment Studies
5. AECC – English Communication
6. B.Sc. Honours Operational Research
7. B. Com. Honours
9. B.Sc. with Electronics
10. B.Sc. with Physics
11. B.A Honours Pol Science
12. B.A. Honours Hindustani Music Vocal Instrumental
13. B.A. Honours Percussion Instrument
14. B.A. Honors Business Economics
15. B.A. Honours Persian
16. B.A. English
17. B.A. Hindustani Music vocal instrumental
18. B.A. Honours French
19. B.A. Honours German
20. B.A. Honors Italian
21. B.A. Honours English
22. B.A. Honours Hindi
23. B.A. Hindi
24. B.A. Honours Psychology
25. B.A. Honours Spanish
26. B.A. Honours History
27. B.A. Honors Karnataka Music
28. B.A. Mathematics
29. B.A. Persian
30. B.A. Psychology
31. B.A. with Assamese
32. B.A. with Bengali
33. B.A. with Gujarati
34. B.A. with Manipuri
35. B.A. with ODIA
36. B.A. with SINDHI
37. B.A. with TAMIL
38. B.A. with TELUGU
39. B.Sc Home-Science
40. B.Sc Honours Botany
41. B.Sc Honours Forensic Science
42. B.Sc Honours Home Science
43. B.Sc Honours Environmental Sciences
44. B.Sc Mathematical Sciences
45. B.Sc with Botany
46. B.Sc Honours Computer Science
48. B.Sc. Honours Anthropology
49. B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry
50. B.Sc. Honours Biotechnology
51. B.Sc. Honours Microbiology
52. B.Sc. Maths
54. B.Sc. with Mathematics and Computer Applications
55. B.Sc Honours Applied Mathematics
56. B.Sc. Honours Mathematics
57. B.Sc. Honours CHEMISTRY
58. B.Sc. Honours PHYSICS
59. B.A. Honours Economics
60. B.A. Economics
61. B.A. Honors Sanskrit
63. B.A. with Political Science
64. Bachelors in Management Studies
65. B.Sc (Hons.) Geology
66. B.Sc. with Geology
67. B.Com
69. B.Sc. (Hons.) Zoology
70. B.Sc. with Zoology
71. B.A. (Hons.) Punjabi
72. B.A. with Punjabi
73. B.A. (Vocational Studies) Tourism Management
74. B.A. (Vocational Studies) Management and Marketing of Insurance
75. B.A. (Vocational Studies) Marketing Management and Retail Business
76. B.A. (Vocational Studies): Materials Management
77. B.A. (Vocational Studies) Human Resource Management
78. B.A. (Vocational Studies) Office Management & Secretarial Practice
79. B.A. (Vocational Studies)Small and Medium Enterprises
80. B.A. Program with Computer Applications
81. B.A. (Hons.) Urdu
82. B.A. Urdu
84. B.A. (Hons.) Gujarati
85. B.A. (Hons.) Tamil
86. B.A. Sanskrit
87. B.A. with Bengali
88. B.Sc. Biomedical Sciences
89. B.Sc. (Hons.) Biological Science
90. B.Sc. Computer Science
91. Bachelor-of-Hotel-Management
92. B.A. (Hons.) Sociology
93. B.A. Sociology
94. B.A. B.Sc Geography
95. B.A. B.Sc (Hons.) Geography
96. B.Sc. Life Sciences
97. B.Sc. (Hons.) Aircraft Maintenance

Syllabi for Supplementary Under Graduate Courses under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) :

1. B.A. Honours Journalism
2. B.A. Honours Multi Media and Mass Communication
3. B.A. Apparel Design & Construction
4. B.A. Development Communication and Extension
5. B.A Food Technology
6. B.A. Honours Journalism
7. B.A. Human Development and Family Empowerment
8. B.A. Nutrition and Health Education
9. B.A. Resource Management & Design Application
10. B.Sc. Honours Food Technology
11. Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Investment Analysis) [BBA (FIA)]
12. Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management

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