University in India

There are many types of universities in India. For higher education, some are established by the government. List of All Universities in India are recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

University in India

University in India

Central Universities

  • When required, Parliament of India plays a role in the establishment of these type of University in India .
  • Central government runs these type of university.
  • The list of central universities published by the UGC lists 50 central universities, as of 1 November 2019.

State Universities

  • These are usually established by a local legislative assembly act.
  • These are run by the state government of each of the states and territories of India.
  • As of 6 October 2017, the UGC lists 370 state universities.

Deemed Universities

  • The deemed university is a status of autonomy granted by the Department of Higher Education on the advice of the UGC.
  • As of 31 December 2015, there are 125 deemed to be universities in India.

Private Universities

University in India
  • Any university considered as fake if they not approved. So, UGC recognises this type of university.
  • Various bodies and societies mostly supports Private universities.
  • The government usually not operates Private universities or private colleges.
  • They can grant degrees but they do not allow to have off-campus affiliated colleges.

Institutions of National Importance

Apart from the above universities,

  • other institutions are granted permission to autonomously award degrees.
  • These institutes do not affiliate college.
  • These are not officially known as “universities” but “autonomous organisations” or “autonomous institutes”.
  • They fall under the administrative control of the Department of Higher Education

Fake Universities

These are considered as fake by the UGC. These are not approved by the govt and UGC. These universities are likely as an institution class. These universities provide to the student Under Graduate (UG) and Post Graduate (PG) courses in the various subjects and scheme. But there degree and certificate are not approved by the Indian govt and  University Grant Commission (UGC).

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