Untouchability is a social curse. Virtually, their (untouchability) disabilities were caused by the social norms and the moral value of caste society. This is a travesty of faith that society had used their services and labour. But They keep them at a social distance, refusing to associate with them allow them entry in temples.

Our contribution in removing Untouchability

Untouchables connects with the Hindu social class or cast that was considered by other classes to be the lowest. The caste system was a social system in which communities or groups of people were placed. A section of people who placed themselves at the top of this ladder, called themselves “upper castes”.


These people regarded themself as superior on the other hand those groups of people who were placed at the lower side of the ladder, were called “low castes”. And the groups at the bottom level of the cast ladder were called untouchables or Dalits.

We can do a lot to remove untouchability from our society. The most important way to prevent exploitation of Harijans by the upper – castes is to take concrete steps to help the Harijans improve and their own financial conditions.

Ways to remove Untouchability-

This can be done in the following ways :

  • Educate them and provide vocational training and jobs.
  • Give assistance so that they can set – up their own small – scale or cottage industries.
  • Create awareness among the rest of the of people by means of films and theatres, songs, bhajans, talks and discussions. The evil effects of this practice can be highlighted through these mediums.
  • Children need to be made aware of the harmful social practices such as untouchability. Much can be achieved by creating feelings of brotherhood and removing caste prejudice from the mind of the future generations.
  • An egalitarian society can weed out the very curse or ignominy of untouchability.
  • The government has also set aside large sums of money in the five- year plans for the upliftment of the Harijans. Certain States have even given awards to the villages that have the world successfully for the eradication of the social evil. In spite of all these attempts untouchability has not been successfully uprooted.

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