Uses of Scientific Instruments

Here i am giving a list of 51 instrument and brief use of that instrument. Uses of Scientific Instruments is given below.

Uses of Scientific Instruments

Uses of Scientific Instruments

  1. Accumulator: Electrical energy is stored.
  2. Altimeter: Used in aircraft for measuring altitudes.
  3. Ammeter: Measure the electrical current in ampere
  4. Anemometer: Measuring the strength of winds.
  5. Audiometer: Measuring intensity of wind
  6. Barometer: Measuring atmospheric pressure
  7. Binocular: An optical instrument designed for magnified view of distant objects by both eyes.
  8. Cardiogram: For recording the heart’s movement
  9. Calorimeter: Measuring of quantities of heat
  10. Chronometer: A clock that keeps very accurate time as the one that is used to determine longitude at sea.
  11. Clinical thermometer: A thermometer for measuring the temperature of human body
  12. Calorimeter: An instrument for comparing the intensities of colour.
  13. Commutator: An instrument to remove or change the direction of electric current.
  14. Crescograph: For recording the growth of plants.
  15. Cyclotron: studying the properties of a term by smashing them.
  16. Dynamo: A device for connecting mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  17. Dynamometer: An instrument for measuring the electrical power.
  18. Electroscope: An instrument for detecting the presence of electric charge.
  19. Fathometer: For measuring the depth of oceans
  20. Galvanometer: For detecting and measuring electric current
  21. Hydrometer: For detecting the specific gravity of liquids.
  22. Hygrometer: form using the amount of water vapours.
  23. Iron Lung: For artificial respiration.
  24. Lactometer: for detecting the purity of milk.
  25. Monometer: for measuring the gas pressure
  26. Micrometre: For accurately measuring the small distance or angles.
  27. Microscope: An instruments for magnified view of small objects.
  28. Odometer: the distance covered by a wheeled vehicle is recorded.
  29. Oscillograph: For recording electrical are mechanical vibration
  30. Phonograph: For reproducing sound
  31. Photometer: an instrument for the comparing the luminous intensity of the source of light.
  32. Plantimeter: a mechanical instrument to measure the area of a plain surface.
  33. Pyrometer: for using high temperature from a distance.
  34. Quadrant: instrument for measuring the angle from a distance
  35. Radiometer: an instrument for measuring the radiation energy
  36. Rain guage: An instrument for measuring rainfall.
  37. Rectifier: An instrument for the conversion of AC to DC.
  38. Sextant: measure distance scientifically
  39. Spectroscope: an instrument to measure the spectrum analysis
  40. Speedometer: IT registers the speed on which vehicle is moving
  41. Spherometer: for measuring the curvature of surface
  42. Stopwatch: recording a small intervals of time in the races
  43. Tachometer: for measuring speed of aeroplanes
  44. Telemeter: for recording physical events happening at a distance
  45. Teleprinter: a machine which records automatically the message received on telephone wires.
  46. Theodolite: measuring distance on the surface of the earth
  47. Thermometer: for recording temperature of a human body
  48. Thermocouple: measuring temperature
  49. Thermostat: automatically control the temperature of a particular degree
  50. Transformer: to convert high voltage to low voltage or vice versa
  51. Vernier: An adjustable scale for measuring small sub division of scale.

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