Vehicle Emission

Vehicle Emission is human-made Problem and human can control it. So, you very well know what is vehicle emission. in this article, First I will discuss a problem.

What is Vehicle Emission ?

The Pollutants emitted from an automotive engine during the combustion process is known as vehicle emission.

During the process of it mainly 3 gases are emitted which are as following

  1. Carbon mono oxide (CO)
  2. Hydrocarbon (HC)
  3. Oxide of nitrogen (NOx)

These gases are very harmful which is coming from our vehicles. if there are many vehicles in the area many pollution present there and every gas causes different deceases.

Vehicle Emission

Back Pain
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Why Vehicle Emission is harmful?

It is harmful because it emits harmful gases for the environment which affect us as follows:

  • gas Carbon mono oxide emitted because of incomplete combustion which causes fatal air poisoning. It is mostly responsible for seizure, coma, and fatality in humans.
  • the Oxide of nitrogen produced during the combustion process. Which decrease in functioning of lungs and increase the risk of respiratory disease.

The Vehicle Emission is a problem concerning everyone and it needs to be handled together by everyone in the society. Whatever effects of the actions we take today may seem hard on us, however; effects of inaction are far greater on our well-being in the long run.

We are sure that people of India are understanding and will act upon their duties and responsibilities collectively to tackle this problem

What should we do?

  • increasing the taxes on the special vehicle of diesel for medical treatment of people of India.
  • Aware the citizen for pollution by it and give him instructions about less as most required condition use vehicle.
  • Particularly everyone need to verify his vehicle for pollution control. And if vehicle is harmful then not use it. 

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