Water : Colour & Purity

July 15, 2017
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In this article of Water : Colour & Purity , we will see scientifically about colour of water, spherical shape of liquid drop, colour of waterfall and at last the purity of water.


Water : Colour & Purity

Water is transparent and nearly colourless liquid.

Water drop is spherical because liquid drop tends to be in a state of minimum surface area.

Reason of Spherical shape of water drop

The force between this is Surface tension that try to hold the droplet together

Water drop tries to obtain minimum surface area and obtain spherical shape.

mathematically, sphere has the smallest surface volumes, compared to other geometric shapes.

In absence of the external force liquid always want to attain minimum surface area and got spherical shape.


Water : Colour & Purity
  • When all colour gets reflected from the surface of an object, it appears white.
  • And also “When light enters from a lighter medium (air) to denser medium (water) some is reflected on the surface and rest is refracted.”
  •  Waterfall reflects most of the light thus due to most most reflection waterfall seems white.
  • The same phenomina sugar colliodal solution, mist ,paper water vapour, clouds, snow seems white.

Light must be come from all direction not from specific direction.

Purity of rain water

Water : Colour & Purity

Natural water contains the dissolved ions with in them. Rain water forms due to a distillation process i.e. evaporation – condensation – precipitation. rain water is very dilute solution with very less dissolved solids (1-3 mg/lt).

Rain Water with pH range  6.7 to 7.2 for consumption purpose near coastal area dilution of ion increases which is harmfull.

Effect of air when water raining

if air is full of CO2, SO2, NO2 then all these dissolved in water to form an acid rain which is caused to more harmfull to vegetation.

Hence, after suitable modification and alteration of rain water can be usefull for consumption.


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