Yoga is a universal truth that is the age of stress tension and anxiety days most of the people have not been leading a happy and fruitfully life. They are intelligent in the material is they are running after money for such people money is mother, money is father, money is God, in money is everything for them.

These people have excessive money in stores even then they are mentally disturbed. they cannot sleep without sleeping pills their life is full of problems at last. It can be polluted that every party whether rich or poor is not happy in the present date life. It is pretty hard to tell what brings happiness poverty and wealth have both field.


Every party is in a hurry human beings have no time to think about lazer everything is time-bound and man is running after them. This makes him tired physically and tense mentally in order to get rid of physical and mental tension and stress man has revised. Certain means he attends the party and take a drink for relief satisfaction and relaxation, but instead of getting peace and relaxation.

He comes with more tension stress and fatigue you purchased relaxation does not provide him with peace and satisfaction in real life. He is for other things in various complex problems. The most of the people relating such a life these problems are affecting such people physically, mentally and emotionally, that is why such people are falling prey to various diseases at this juncture yoga can be very significant for us we can get rid of such problems by practising yoga.


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Importance of Yoga

The following points clearly show the importance of yoga:

  1. Physical purity: Internal organs of our body can be cleaned by various yogic exercises physically. There are three substances in our body. if there is a proper balance of this substance in our body. We may remain healthy are such yogic exercises for shat karmas. Which keep the internal organ of our body is a clean state for the proper cleanliness and purity of our internal organs. We should perform this yogic exercises regularly.
  2. Cure and prevention from diseases: There are various diseases which usually hamper. The smooth functioning of the body. you can not only prevent us from many diseases. but also cure them various yogic exercises increase the immunity power of an individual. If an individual performs yogic exercises regularly, he cannot fall prey to diseases vajrasan cross diabetes a large number of diseases form. It is sensitive is arthritis gastritis test high blood pressure, high fever, heart attack, stress, urinary disorder, back pain, etc . can be prevented as well as cured by various yoga and exercise.
  3. Enhances moral and ethical values: Nowadays there is a declining trend in moral and ethical values by following the first two steps of yoga moral and ethical values can be in health. In fact the practice of Yama and niyama such as non-violence truthfulness aparigraha stealing swasthya Santosh etc. Make an individual moral more and ethical in a nutshell. It can be concluded that yoga is very significant for human beings especially in present-day life and the individual can attend perfect health and can lead a happy and contented life. If he perform yogic exercise regularly.
  4. Improve health: Yoga helps in maintaining and improving health by making our muscle strong and regulating other systems of a body. The respiratory, excretory, circulatory, nervous and glandular system to increase the efficiency of the systems in our body and Thus, improve health.
  5. Reduce obesity: Obesity is a word problem overweight people fall prey to various diseases yogic exercises can help in reducing obesity. For example, pranayama and yogic asanas especially meditative fasteners reduce obesity. research studies have shown that obesity is also caused by mental tension and stress. So, by reducing mental tension through meditative Arsenal’s opacity can be reduced.

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